Why the 8Hours™ Pillow is Taking the U.S by storm.

What's so special about the 8Hours™ pillow?

Damian Norman.
Supply and sourcing specialist @ 8Hours™.

It's a common misconception that owning the perfect pillow for you have to search for the perfect pillow and its a trial and error process before you get to the right one. This could be no farther from the truth.

 This is a pure waste of time and waste of money.

A pillow should adjust to YOU, not you adjust to the pillow. FACT.

Do you have chronic neck pain? Sleepless nights? Broken Sleep? Feel tired in the morning like you haven’t had any proper rest at all?

It's night time and you cant sleep. Your neck and shoulders hurt. Your pillow is getting hot. You're tossing and turning. You can't get comfortable. This means you can't sleep and it's affecting you. It makes you sluggish during the day and you can’t function properly. You're Irritable.

This is a problem because as a result you have migraines, muscle tightness, can’t function at an optimal pace. It's affecting your life.

 This is bad because you have a job that requires you to be rested well. Being rested well helps with going to the gym and recovery. It helps with managing your family. It helps with losing weight. It helps with being attentive and ultimately helps keep overall health in check.

So, you need a new pillow. Why the 8Hours pillow out of the thousands of pillows out there.

Question? Is your pillow adjustable? 

If the answer is no then how do you know the pillow that you have is the right pillow for you?

Pillow manufacturers are making 1 size of a pillow and advising customers that their pillow is suitable for everyone. Everyone! Tall, small, Heavy, Slim, everyone. 

How can one pillow be the same for you and another person with a totally different frame? You need a pillow that you can adjust, to the exact way you like it. Suitable for you.

 The 8Hours™ pillow is fully adjustable and customisable. Take out or add as much MemHex™ internal technology until you’re fully comfortable and have that perfect sleep. That perfect pillow, just the way you like it. Specific to you.

 Need another reason? Do you know what’s in your pillow? 

Is it unsupportive down? Is it factory waste product or dusty allergenic shredded memory foam? Shredded from old blocks of rejected memory foam? Is it a bacteria breeding ground?

The 8Hours internal technology MemHex™ is patented and made and cut in a honey comb shape made for pillows and only for pillows. No waste or garbage used. 

 It’s a special foam expanded using water which is 100 times more responsive than typical memory foam pillows due to its structure and 10,000 time more responsive than traditional down pillows. Supportive, responsive made for performance. Like sleeping on a soft cloud.

 Still not convinced? 

Do you flip your pillow to get to the cool side? Is it made out of a hot man made substance like polyester? That traps heat making you flip the pillow to get to the cool side so you can sleep better? Is your pillows cover keeping you awake?

 The 8 Hours™ Pillow cover is a high quality natural cellulose fibre made out of Cool Canadian Pine tree clippings which makes it organic, breathable and antibacterial. The covers properties make the pillow able to disburse heat keeping it cool and temperature regulation is important to having a good nights rest. Not waking up. Unbroken sleep.

 One more reason.....

We have an 88 Night Trial no risk returns policy with free return shipping. Paypal and Amazon Pay available at checkout. Guaranteed to be the best pillow you have ever owned or your money back.

8Hours™ is creating awareness in the importance of sleep. Having good rest is literally a new lease on life. Put us to the test.

Can't Adjust to Your Pillow? Then Have Your Pillow Adjust to You!

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