The 8 Hours™ Adjustable Pillow.


The most advanced adjustable pillow available. With patented MemHex™ internal technology. If you can't adjust to your pillow then have your pillow adjust to you. No more sleepless nights.

100% Customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back! That's how much we know you're going to love this pillow.

    Product Specification

    Measurements & Dimensions


    18" x 27.5"

    2" Loft gusset

    Country of Origin

    Designed Made and assembled in Italy.


    100% organic cellulose fibre

    MemHex™ Internal Technology

    Shipping Info

    Shipping is a flat fee of $10 for all U.S. orders on our website. It typically takes 1 business day to process your order and another 2-5 business days to arrive to you* Our cut offs are 1 p.m. PST and all orders after will be processed the following business day. *Shipping timelines and cutoffs are based on shipping estimates provided by UPS, USPS, FEDEX, and any other carriers we may use. Please note that we cannot control or be liable for any delays nor guarantee any delivery dates due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. weather-related, acts of God, natural disasters, or other Carrier related delays).

    Shipping Costs

    Its a flat fee of $10 shipping U.S wide and free returns in the US



    MemHexTM Internal Tech

    Removable Cover

    Sleeps Cool


    Cutting edge Tech

    Industry Standard

    Dust Mite Resistant

    Eco Friendly

    Natural Fabric Cover

    Machine Washable

    Releases Moisture

    5 Year Warranty


    How to Adjust your pillow



    Step 1

    Open box and take out the 8 Hours pillow

    Step 2

    Carefully open the vacuum sealed bag and allow a couple of minute for the 8 Hours pillow to expand naturally.

    Step 3

    Unzip the external organic cover to reveal the internal cover. Then unzip the second internal cover to expose MemHex internal technology.

    Step 4

    To customize your pillow, take out some of the Memex internal technology and adjust as desired.

    Step 5

    Place the removed Memhex internal technology into the 8 Hours box or a safe place. Shake the pillow around to even out internal technology.

    We are all unique, why arent our pillows? A pillow is not a one size ts all scenario and it can never be.

    Thats why your pillow needs to be adjustable. Your neck and head area need to be supported based on your frame. How can a generic one mould or size pillow satisfy unique needs for your body? Or even comfort level?

    These are serious questions that relate to your health and getting an optimum nights rest. The 8Hours™ pillow is adjustbale down to the single MemHex™ and is for everyone. If you arent getting a good nights sleep there is a high chance its because of your pillow. Your pillow needs to be adjustable not just for comfort but to avoid injury.

    The key to a great nights rest lies in customizing your pillow to the way you like it and what feels healthy. For Side, Stomach, Back Sleepers, Tall, Small, Old and Young bascially anyone with a head.

    MemHexTM is the super responsive adjustable filling used for your pillow. MemHexTM is specically designed for pillows and only pillows. We have engineered an ultra responsive, supportive adjustable filling made from only the highest quality materials.

    The Honeycomb shape of the MemHexTM indicates that this is indeed MemHexTM and not generic waste, Bi-Products or offcuts used in other pillows, which can be harmful and poor quality.

    The Honeycomb shape of the MemHexTM not only allows you to identify the quality filling, it’s shape allows you to adjust the filling in your pillow specific to you.

    With MemHexTM you know that you are sleeping on quality materials made for your pillow. Another reason to sleep well at night.

    The 8HoursTM pillow is the perfect mix of the latest technology and nature coming together.

    Externally the 8 Hours™ has a cellulose natural fabric to be the cover of pillow. The 8Hours™ pillow cover not only has amazing moisture release capabilities absorbing 50% more moisture than cotton, but It also absorbs and disperses heat to keep you cool while you sleep. Due to its moisture
    management It's also an antibacterial fabric. Its soft, durbale, great for sensitive skin and 100% biodegradable and made from fully sustainable sources. The best cover for a pillow ever.

    This fabric truly ticks all boxes for a good nights nights sleep.